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Tammy Marshall, NY

"Someone should let Broadway know that the best new show since Hamilton just premiered in Rochester, NY. One of the most powerful shows I have ever seen on a stage!"

Anna Morrison Markowitz, NY

"One of the most incredible shows I've seen in years... The score screams of rebellion... You'll be living with these characters and singing these songs long after the curtain falls."

Jessica Ann Best, Mezzo-Soprano, Artistic Director, NY

“Joshua Daniel Hershfield has written one of the most significant musicals of our time. RISE is the story that needs to be told. It is sophisticated and personal, with haunting and beautiful melodies that you will go home singing. A powerful moment in theatre that needs to be seen and heard.”

Jonathan and Cynthia Incho

“Uplifting, thrilling, and beautiful from start to finish!"

Anna Ammarell

“Inspirational and heartbreaking... My favorite part was definitely the music!"

Rochester City News

“RISE balances the heartbreaking realities of history with a hopeful spirit of resistance.”

Linda Rosebrough

“Amazing... Relevant... RISE is a story that must continue to be told."

Melissa B.

"How is it that in 16 years of education, I never heard about the brave young Jewish couriers of WWII, who risked their lives to secretly transport messages, supplies and more? Thankfully, Rise has bridged this shameful gap in my schooling--in the most memorable and moving way possible. From the riveting story to the gorgeous music and lyrics, it's one of the best shows I've ever seen (and I've seen dozens, from Broadway to London's West End). Rise is so good, in fact, that my husband and I had to see it twice!"

Julia Grodensky

“I think the show was amazing, and it hit home in ways I didn’t expect. It was an amazing example of Jewish representation on Broadway and I am so thrilled I was one of the first to see it!”

Ginny House

“The performance was fantastic!"

Kathleen FitzPatrick

"RISE portrays the courage of women in the face of overwhelming adversity... this show is an essential experience."

Patricia A. Edd

“An outstanding performance!"
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