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TIMES OF ISRAEL: "With Israel at war, rock musical on Holocaust resisters to 'test-run' in Tel Aviv"

“This is a story about Jews who faced annihilation and who stood up and fought back. We all have to come together to face this threat.” READ MORE HERE

BROADWAY WORLD: "Rise is a daring and important new musical"

"Hershfield's score for "Rise" is superb, fluctuating from somber acoustic guitar ballads to catchy rock anthems evocative of The White Stripes. The edgy punk rock vibe of these songs is the perfect backdrop for a story about resistance and fighting back against the forces of evil, and the show bounces with ease between these heavier upbeat songs to the soaring vocal numbers..." READ MORE HERE

NPR: "Rock musical honoring Jewish resistance fighters hopes to inspire today's battle for democracy"

"Just as the Broadway hit "Hamilton" used hip-hop to tell the story of a Founding Father, a new modern rock musical conveys the true stories of young Jewish women who risked their lives to fight the Nazis during the Holocaust." LISTEN HERE


Honoured by the Ghetto Fighters' House for artistic projects that address the Holocaust. READ MORE HERE

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